Uttarakhand ₹1 Water Connection Project.

Uttarakhand ₹1 Water Connection Project

Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project:- 

We tell you that Uttarakhand 1 Rupee Water Connection Project has been started by Uttarakhand State Government under Water Mission. The project was started by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. The aim of this scheme will be to provide water connection to the people of most rural areas of Uttarakhand for 1 Rupee. 

Under the 1st Water Connection Project, the Chief Minister has said that Uttarakhand is the first state in the country to connect household water to households. And in return only the public has to bear 1 Rupees. Announcing this, the Chief Minister also said that now the common man does not have to face any problem regarding water.

Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project Details

The project was announced by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on July 6, 2020 at a function held at Nangal Bulandawala in Dudhli, Doiwala block of his constituency. During the announcement, the Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister has undertaken a poor welfare project and the Uttarakhand ₹ 1 water connection project also comes under this scheme. By 2024, the government will provide benefits to the people of Uttarakhand through the Water Mission's water connection project. In other words, complete provision of water will be made in rural areas. The people of the state will greatly benefit from this project. Uttarakhand will be the first state to provide water taps to people's homes for just Rs This cost is very low.

So far water taps have been installed up to people's houses at a cost of Rs 2350 which is a high fee for the villagers. Due to this I could not get water connection.

Today we will share with you all the information related to Tap Water Connection Scheme and tell you how you can take advantage of Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project, read the end of the article for details.

Water Connection Project Uttarakhand Details

Scheme Name: Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project

Chief Minister: Trivendra Singh Rawat announced the car

Division: State Government

State: Uttarakhand

Date of announcement: 6th July 2020

Citizens: Beneficiary state of Uttara Khand

Purpose: To provide clean water at low cost

Budget: Rs 1565 crore

Application mode: still no data

Official website: https://uk.gov.in

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Benefits of Water Connection Project Uttarakhand:-

  • The benefits of this project will be given to the rural citizens.
  • Uttarakhand Water Corporation, Swajal and Uttarakhand Drinking Water Corporation have been given the responsibility for this campaign.
  • Citizens living in rural areas can also use the water for irrigation.
  • The Uttarakhand government says the drinking water provided in the campaign could be delivered to villagers 16 hours a day.
  • The Prime Minister's objective of delivering water to every household through this project will also be fulfilled.
  • Only one water connection will be provided to every household in the state.
  • Purpose of water connection project
  • You all know that a large part of Uttarakhand lives in villages and there are many people in Uttarakhand who are very poor. In Uttarakhand a family has to pay 2350 rupees to get water connection.

For example, people living in rural areas of Uttarakhand live in hilly areas, where there is no water connection at home, in many places people have to walk long distances to fetch water and do some agricultural work. They can't do it even if they want to because there is no water and even if there is, it is far away where they have to fetch water on foot. In view of all these problems, the government has made arrangements for a water tap scheme in every house so that water can be supplied to every house and at the same time there is no problem in paying water bills to the villagers.

The state government has set a target of reaching every villager's home by 2024. Many villages have moved to the cities due to lack of water facilities in the villages but the campaign is expected to benefit many people.

Companies responsible for Uttarakhand Rupee 1 Tap Water Connection Project 6:-

The Water Corporation, Swajal and the Uttarakhand Water Board are responsible for the door-to-door water projects of Rs. Responsibilities have been given. It will be the responsibility of these institutions and boards to provide water connection to every house. A budget of Rs. 1565 crore has been prepared for the smooth running of this project. Each water agency and water board has been given the responsibility of supplying different amounts of water. Under the Water Life Mission in the State of Uttarakhand, 15,09758 households in 15,647 villages will be provided pure drinking water.

Water Corporation:- 

  • The Water Corporation will work to supply taps and water to every household in 3806 revenue villages.
  • The Uttarakhand Water Board has been given the task of supplying taps to the houses of 361654 families.

Swajal Board:- 

  • Under Swajal Board, Water will be supplied to a total of 235994 households in 2078 revenue villages.
  • Uttarakhand Drinking Water Corporation - Uttarakhand Drinking Water Corporation Board has been given the responsibility of maximum number of villages. The Drinking Water Board has a total of 9754 villages, total number of households is 9,11953. The drinking water corporation will be responsible for supplying water to these villages.
  • Uttarakhand CM Solar Self-Employment Project.
  • Solar Water Heater Subsidy Scheme Uttarakhand.

How to apply online for Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project?

Interested candidates who want to apply for Uttarakhand ₹ 1 water connection project in Uttarakhand will have to wait for it now as the scheme was announced by the government only a few days ago, the scheme has not been launched. Candidates will be able to apply only after the notification is issued by the government for the first time. And you will be able to take advantage of the project. Whenever the Government of Uttarakhand starts applying for this scheme, we will inform you through our article. Stay tuned to our website to find out.

Some questions and answers about Uttarakhand Rupee 1 Tap Water Connection Project

1. What is the official website of Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project?

Ans: No official link related to Uttarakhand ₹ 1 water connection project has been released yet.

2. What is the purpose of water connection project?

Ans: The purpose of the water connection project is to provide clean water to every household in the rural areas of Uttarakhand at a cost of just Rs 1.

3. How many families will benefit from this project?

Ans: About 1.5 million rural households in Uttarakhand will benefit from this project.

4. According to Uttarakhand Water Connection Project, till when will rural candidates benefit?

Ans: We tell you that the government has set a target of delivering water to every household by 2024. It will soon be possible to supply water to every house in Uttarakhand.

5. How can candidates apply for Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project?

Ans: At the moment the state government has not provided any information for the application, we will update you whenever any issue is issued for the government application.

6. What are the benefits of water connection project?

The advantage of this scheme is that clean water will be provided to more than 1.5 million households at a cost of 1 Rupee.

7. Who has been given this responsibility for every house call of the state government?

The state government has assigned the task to Uttarakhand Water Corporation, Swajal and Uttarakhand Water Corporation.

8. Can urban households also benefit from this scheme?

Only Uttarakhand ₹ 1 water connection project benefits will be provided to all eligible beneficiary families coming under rural area.

9. What documents does the applicant need to get water connection?

To get water connection under Uttarakhand ₹ 1 Water Connection Project, a person must have all the necessary documents like Aadhaar card, mobile number, original residency certificate.


We have given you the text through this article Uttarakhand ₹1 Water Connection Project and we have given you everything related to it. If there are any new updates to the scheme, we'll let you know as soon as possible via our article. Thanks guys, you finally read our article and have given your time so far. Stay with us like this. We will keep you informed when new updates arrive. Thank you very much for reading this article completely. If you liked our article, then do not forget to share this article with your friends, relatives and others, so that they can also take advantage of this scheme. If you have any question then comment below.

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